Over 25 internationally renowned experts will speak at the conference - giving delegates the chance to deepen their knowledge of current thinking and new research on street-connected children.

Meet international experts in: ending family violence, recovery from trauma and sexual abuse, missing children, reintegrating street-connected children, child development, clinical psychology, family therapy, arts therapy, and child protection.

Fredrick Mbise is co-founder and CEO of Watotowetu Development Foundation, a charity registered in Tanzania to support street-connected children in Arusha, deliver effective teacher training programmes and empower women. He has worked directly with street-connected children and youth since 2010 and is also an active board member of Caucus for Children’s Rights (CCR) and Asante Africa Foundation. As one of StreetInvest’s lead trainers, Fredrick has delivered training in Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda and India. He led StreetInvest’s taster training session in London, UK, in February 2012. Fredrick has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from The Open University of Tanzania and a MA in Community Development from Mt. Meru University.

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WORKSHOP: Approaches to working with street connected children

This workshop will be very participatory in style and it will involve the participants in group discussions and activities. The main purpose of the workshop is to give participants an opportunity to see the context and rationale for doing street work. It also aims to get the participants to build on their own self-awareness, look at their own values and attitudes (particularly towards street connected children) and become more familiar with the concept of street work and the reason for working with street children with a rights-based and child-centred approach. The workshop will also help participants understand who street children are they will take part in exercises helping them to see how attitudes and values affect best practice in working with street children. Furthermore, participants will learn how street work complements other interventions and particularly how it is the essential starting point for successful reintegration of street children with families.