Over 25 internationally renowned experts will speak at the conference - giving delegates the chance to deepen their knowledge of current thinking and new research on street-connected children.

Meet international experts in: ending family violence, recovery from trauma and sexual abuse, missing children, reintegrating street-connected children, child development, clinical psychology, family therapy, arts therapy, and child protection.

Dr. Kate McAlpine has over 20 years of experience working in child protection in Tanzania. Working with Mkombozi, she pioneered services for children who were on the streets. Her current work with the Caucus for Children’s Rights is engaged in the governance of child protection services, and in mobilizing a critical mass of protectors. Her PhD explores the world-views of Tanzanians who protect children, and theorizes about how to catalyze better and more expansive protection of children. She is an expert group facilitator, and her work on social norms and resilience in Tanzanian children is published globally..

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KEYNOTE: Doing the Right Thing: what is the ‘right thing’ in ensuring that childcare in Tanzania protects children's best interests?

Too many children in Tanzania are victims of violence, have experienced family conflict, and live precarious existences on the streets. Tanzania is embarking upon a new national plan of action to address violence against women and children, but the issue of care reform for children who are separated from their families has been neglected. This keynote explores the adversities and resilience manifested by children who have been victims of violence; introduces the movement across Africa to de-institutionalize care for vulnerable children; and examines how Tanzania can best develop and sustain services that strengthen families and protect children.